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Iranian Successful Family Functioning: Communication

یکشنبه 11 دی 1390 ساعت 10:58

Iranian Successful Family Functioning: Communication

mohammad hosein asoodeh, manijeh Daneshpour, shiva khalili, masoud gholamali lavasani, mahbobe abuali,  Iman Dadrase


The purpose of this study is to identify successful family communication from the viewpoint of happy couples. For this purpose 365 couples (N=730) were selected from among the staff of several industrial companies, and a number of teachers in Tehran.  Purposive sampling method was used and 11couples with highest from Four ENRICH Couple Scales (2010), who described themselves as happy couples, underwent an in-depth, semi-structured interview. Interviews were taped and transcribed and the first order themes and sub-themes were identified in the texts. In order to reduce the interviewer bias, the results were discussed with each couple and their confirmation was gained. Also the final results of the study were submitted to them at the end and were approved by them. The results showed that, successful couples, a) solve their own problems, b) have mutual understanding in financial management and costs, c) spend their leisure time together with their families, d) are good friends for each other, e ) family members respect each other.

Reference: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 30 (2011) 367 – 371

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